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Hitul Thobhani MBA - who I am and why you should engage with me


If you're thinking about working with Marketing Sharpness you need to know more about me.

That's what this page will do.

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Skills & Credentials

Sales Management & Sales

I managed sales teams and sold for ten years in the elearning and publishing industries.

Training and Speaking

Spoken at and led marketing and business growth workshops to great acclaim at the British Library, City Business Library and other venues



Launched and developed two of my own ventures - I understand your mindset, thinking, challenge and fears. I've personally developed and improved my marketing.

MBA - Marketing and Strategy 

Marketing and Strategy became my passion from my Management & Maths degree at the University of Manchester. I went on to specialise and excel in this area in my MBA at De Montfort University


Let's talk...


I can help your business get more sales and new customers by transforming your marketing and sales strategies. My advice and coaching tends to give Directors clarity, inspiration, focus and results. My work is based on the strategies outlined in my book, "60 Minute Marketing Makeover".


Here are some of the ways I help entrepreneurs…

  • Profit from the techniques that successful marketers and larger organisations with in-house specialists use to make millions of pounds
  • Winning new customers without cold calling – make people want to engage with your business and buy from you
  • Getting your website delivering more warm enquiries from the right buyers and more sales
  • Stopping competitors ravaging your business


I can help you in turning the business you have into the business you want.

Want to have a conversation about your sales and marketing challenges?