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Expert Sales & Marketing Help

Developing a Winning Marketing Strategy for your business

1. Initial consultation

You talk, we will listen - largely. We will ask questions to help us get under the skin of your business and to the heart of your challenges. The first meeting is more about us understanding and assessing than proposing solutions. Considered solutions will follow. Of course we won't charge for this initial meeting.

2. Reflection and Analysis

We take away what was discussed and identify the approaches and tactics that are in your best interests. We will be sensitive to your priorities and concerns. Our driver is to maximise your sales and profits, starting with the lowest cost and risk strategies that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

3. Solutions session

This is when we report back with our recommendations and strategy - face to face and with a one-page summary. Expect to be enlightened, informed and hopefully inspired. We will give you the recipe to your future success - with the campaigns and services that our experts will deliver to transform your business. The goal is for your marketing to more than pay for itself. We don't indulge in marketing for the sake of it - only things which we know will deliver.


2 Options: Do it yourself or let us manage it all

  1. You take the suggestions and make them happen yourself. This will involve finding quality, trustworthy people and companies in each of the areas you need help. After choosing each supplier you will need to brief them and then manage them, ensuring they do what they promise to. Many of the areas overlap and interact. You need to ensure collectively they achieve your goals.
  2. Ask us to worry about it, and turn the plan into sales and profits. Each team is stringently managed and monitored to ensure they deliver. We will coordinate each of the specialists, and ensure the bigger picture is taken care of. They risk jeopardising their relationship with us, which wouldn't be in their interests!


What do clients have to say?

Alastair McDavid, Board Member, Islington Chamber of Commerce

Hitul’s presentation skills quickly established a rapport with the audience at his seminar to Islington Chamber of Commerce on sales and marketing in business, focusing on effective introductions when networking.

It was refreshing to see how he engaged the attendees with practical exercises ensuring they all could put what they had learned into immediate use in their own businesses.

I feel sure Hitul Thobhani will be delivering more seminars for the Chamber in the future.


Cemanthe McKenzie, Managing Director, New Media Angels

Wow! Absolutely fantastic workshop and well worth any amount you might pay to attend. 

I arrived this morning feeling a bit stressed about how & what to do for my marketing, I’d consulted business advisors & marketing specialists prior to this (as close as yesterday), but none of them made as much sense or gave as much value as Hitul’s workshop. His 21 Step process is brilliant & insightful. 

I can see things to implement straight away and will provide instant return. 

I can’t wait to get back to the office to start recommending it to everyone I know! Thanks Hitul!! Inspiring, thought provoking & all round brilliant!


Anuj Shah, Managing Director, Global 1st Ltd

I launched my business in 2011 and turned to Hitul and Marketing Sharpness for support and advice. I used them as a sounding board to bounce off my ideas and plans. In return, I got critical, unbiased feedback. Our conversations were constructive and unbiased.

Hitul added another dimension to my plans for my newly started business. He has definitely added value to the future of my business with his recommendations which we have taken on boardWe now employ 6 people and have almost outgrown our second premises. Hitul’s help, expertise and guidance was vital to the success we have achieved.

Hitul's approach was professional but flexible and he was easy to work with. I would highly recommend him.



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