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If you want your business to look sharper and more appealing online we can help. We specialise in videos, high-end websites that are value for budget and premium social media marketing. Whether you are looking for a one-off project or ongoing support to boost your marketing profile and grow your sales, talk to us. We are happy to help and advise you.

Our values and ethos

  1. Passion. We love helping our clients look great and win more business. You should see that and feel it from the first conversation onwards. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we feel our reputation is priceless.
  2. Expertise. We work with specialists who are experienced in their respective fields. So your Social Media Marketing will be looked after by a specialist social media marketer. Your website will be created especially for you by a team with design talent so it looks great and web development expertise to make the technical side happen.
  3. Integrity and transparency. Ever been promised the earth and been let down? Not a great experience. We value trust and we know we have to earn yours. We will tell it like it is. If things are deviating from the plan we will flag it and make the necessary changes, ensuring you are happy.
  4. Low costs. We keep our overheads and all our costs down which we can pass on to you in affordable prices. You won't be paying for flashy Soho offices or even flashier sales reps

Meet the Founder

Hi there,

If you're thinking about work with Marketing Sharpness you may want to know about the person who started and runs the company. So here goes...

Written 7 books

That sounds like alot (maybe it is..?). I co-wrote 6 positive picture books for children with the other three founders of an education startup. 21½ Step Marketing Transformation was my 7th book, which I later revised and renamed 60 Minute Marketing Makeover.

Opened trading at the London Stock Exchange and achieved media coverage

Nia, aged 10, actually did the honours one fine summer's day in 2015 as a reward for winning an enterprise competition at her school in north London.
I launched my second education venture, Empowering Kids & Youth, to inspire and educate children and young people in life skills, employability and enterprise. We were honoured to partner with Aflatoun, one of the world's leading education charities. Opening trading was part of a high-profile UK launch for Aflatoun at the Stock Exchange. Media coverage was excellent, with live TV coverage on Sky, a page in The Times and an article on the BBC News website.

Ran a team of 8 software sales-people with a £3.5m annual target

Sales is a discipline and skill that I feel has developed me and enhanced my professional life and skillset. The people and commercial skills is nurtures are second to none.

Spoken and taught a bit

For those that will tolerate me, I love teaching and sharing. In June 2018 I keynoted on to an audience of 250 business owners and professionals at a seminar in Harrow. I have also run workshops to entrepreneurs at the British Library and City Business Library in London.

Had a half hour meeting with the Prime Minister of one of the world's leading economies

An unforgettable experience, for which a colleague and I happily travelled across the world especially. I am in awe of this man. If you're curious to know more we can have a conversation.

Changed childrens' lives

Workshops in London and across the UK saw hundreds of children become more positive, confident and empowered, with some unforgettable changes. It was humbling to be able to make such a difference to childrens' lives.

Dressed up in a monkey outfit

Some might say this is a step up! The monkey was one of the characters of the positive picture books we wrote at Kidz4Mation. Most of the kids were excited to meet Mikey - although some were bemused and the odd one disconcerted. Hugely rewarding.

Hitul Thobhani