Why it’s important for your brand to have a strapline and how to create a good one

As a business owner, your strapline can be as important as your business name to your branding and marketing. Alongside your logo, typography (font) and colours, your strapline defines your business in your customers eyes.

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Examples of straplines

“Just do it”, “Never knowingly undersold” and “Probably the best lager in the world”. These are some of the most famous straplines. If not these, there will be others you remember - which shows how effective they are. They sit alongside the brand (often presented below the brand name) and help the company present itself to potential customers and start to pitch and 'tell their story' to customers.


Why straplines are important

A good strapline creates a strong and clear brand image in the customer’s mind. It defines your business uniquely and helps set you apart from competitors. If you don’t have one, you should consider creating an effective one that binds together your company’s name and its USP.


Creating a good strapline

In a previous post we looked at one of the first rules in marketing: ensuring your marketing is focused on the customer's pain and needs. When you create your strapline, aim to capture what you do for customers in a few words through your strapline to succinctly convey this. Your goal is to make them feel like ordering or wanting to engage with your company.

A good strapline often refers to the problem you solve and the uniqueness your company has over competitors in how it solves the pain. One example of this is "Delivered hot within 30 minutes or it's free". This kind of strapline aims to communicate a clear and specific promise/expectation.

Your company name alone can be pretty anonymous; 'AJ Smith' might be a firm of solictors or equally a designer clothing brand. If your company’s name isn’t familiar to your prospect, especially if it doesn't link or refer to what you do or offer, as well as your logo and colours, it is your strapline that will hook. Remember: people care about solutions to their problem and meeting their goals and dreams.

A good strapline will often evoke emotion and create a clear image and place in the prospect’s mind for your business and brand.


To wrap up

Many businesses market and sell successfully without a strapline. They do a good job, become familiar for the customer, and build a reputation and strong business perfectly well.

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